Xonotic 0.5

Technical achievements

  • Optimized post-processing effects, including damage blur and better bloom / HDR. Decals can also be enabled on player models for realistic blood and impact effects.
  • Several new exciting texture packs (including metaltech, stein1, trak6, trak7, exomorph) ready to be used by mappers.
  • Bots now have major AI improvements, including pathfinding, object priorities and movement in general. They also support the Assault game mode now. Included maps were tweaked to have the best possible waypoints for bots.
  • Improvements to how spectating works, now spectators don’t go through walls normally and are bound inside the map (though it can be disabled with cl_clippedspectating).
  • Countless updates to how the HUD system works and what it can display, plus a completely new HUD theme to match Luminos menu theme.
  • Updated how waypoints and shownames feature worked. There are now floating names above players, also indicating the health and armor of team mates.
  • Weapon coloring and team coloring is now done almost entirely with glow so that models can now be improved to better match player styling.
  • We have also improved how audio channels are managed. For example,now we can have many separate sounds played for different weapons at the same time without them cutting each other off.
  • Added new game modes and revived some of the older ones. (keepaway, freezetag, assault, etc).
  • New system to manage instant action/bot match creation.
  • Hundreds of bugfixes and code cleanups, including a fix involving a major crash with the Crylink weapon.
  • A large number of old models were replaced or updated, including health models, weapon models, and some other pickup models. Additionally, new player models bring new animations, and we did a little work regarding how model animation works in the code. (Also detail scaling is now possible on all player models, which can help improve framerate).
  • Entirely new font called “Xolonium” made just for Xonotic, which has a giant range of character support, specifically to allow for multiple languages to work flawlessly.
  • Various soundtracks by community members have been added with the new maps, plus there are several waiting and ready to be added with your own new map.
  • And many others…!

*Suport for Mac and Linux 

*Due to a change in the new version of Apple’s OS X (Lion), it is not possible to play fullscreen for now. By default it will start windowed, and attempting to set it to fullscreen will give you a completely white screen. This bug is caused by an incompatibility in libsdl, which hopefully will be fixed soon.

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